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According to the Janpanese magazine "Female Seven", which will go on sale July 4, singer Nakashima Mika (27) is in a relationship with noted music producer Tanaka Yoshito (36).

Tanaka, as session guitarist, has been involved with several high profile recording projects with the likes of Arashi and Funky Monky Babys; while simultaneously active as a producer, collaborating with artists such as Chemistry and Nakashima. Aside from being Nakashima's producer, he also took part in her 2007 and 2009 tours.

Nakashima is reported to met up with Tanaka after a late night shopping with her mother. The pair currently resides in the same apartment building. They were also spotted to be enjoying hotpots in public, etc...

Tanaka was briefly married in 2006 but quickly divorced; Nakashima, on the other hand, ended a 5-year relationship with her previous partner, actor Nagase Masatoshi (47). Tanaka and Nakashima have always respected each other, and their relationship grew after their respective breakups. It is reported that since mid-last year, Nakashima has been seen wearing on her left finger a ring imprinted with "YST" which stands for "Yoshito".

Nakashima's talent agency commented: "This is her private matter. We'll leave it to her to deal with it."
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